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Make a Splash with Pantone's New Colors in 2016: Designer Tips


Make way for the newest stars of 2016! Pantone just released its 2016 colors of the year: Rose Quartz, a dusty pink, and Serenity, a shade near baby blue. The Wall Street Journal shares that Pantone chose the two shades “to convey rosy warmth and tranquility.” While the two colors might seem a bit daring for home décor, what better time to take a chance on trends than heading into the New Year?

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite designer tips for how to incorporate the new pops of color into your home, while still maintaining sophistication and elegance. Recognizing the cultural emphasis on “mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses,” the color aficionados behind Pantone chose Rose Quartz and Serenity because the two shades offer the perfect balance between warmth and coolness.

So now is the time to venture into the trendiest color combo of the New Year, and bring that “warmth and tranquility” of the new Pantone colors into your living spaces! Apartment Therapy has boldly stated that pink is the “new neutral in town,” and blue is the perfect color to bring balance.

Mix and Match with Different Tones

Not only can different colors create interesting combinations, but the blend of warm and cool tones can “make a room both elegant and engaging,” suggests Sara Story (Sara Story Design). Story tells House Beautiful readers that, while lilacs and purples can seem “too childlike,” they can actually “add a level of sophistication and warmth” to your home.

If painting walls in the new tranquil shades seems too dramatic, you can start by trying a Rose Quartz or Serenity area rug or topping tables with a vase or a lamp (source: Real Simple).

What shades are you dreaming about to color your spaces in 2016? For more inspiration on how to blend Rose Quartz and Serenity into your home décor, visit our Pinterest board.