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Made in America -- A Timeless Sentiment


In 1985, with the American auto industry reeling from the success of Japanese imports, President Ronald Reagan declared December as “Made in America Month.”

His proclamation read, in part, “In an increasingly competitive world, we Americans must redouble our efforts to make products of the highest quality in the most efficient way and market them aggressively. As we do I have no doubt that more and more Americans and foreigners will be drawn to the products with the proud label: ‘Made in America.’ ”

We’re proud that every Marvin window and door is handcrafted in America by our skilled, experienced workers. The average Marvin employee has more than 19 years’ experience with our company, and it shows in the quality and care that goes into every one of our products.

This December, we urge you to buy American. And in the case of windows and doors, that’s an easy choice. Because our windows and doors are not only handcrafted in America — we believe they’re the best-made, best-performing products on the market.