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Link Love: winterizing your home, LED bulbs for the win, children's room designs, and more


Winter Is Coming: How To Weatherize Your Home
“Now is the time to weatherize your home before the heat is blasting in (and probably escaping out of) your home. Did you know that the amount of heat escaping through cracks in the average house is equivalent to having an open window year round? Inadequate insulation and air leakage are the leading causes of energy waste in homes. Cut down on the chilly drafts, reduce your heating bills, and slash your overall home energy use this winter with the following tips.”

Game Over: LED Lightblubs Win
Old House Web
“An LED is so energy efficient that it will use only $33 in energy over it’s life. The incandescent wastes so much energy in the form of heat that it does not deserve to be called a light bulb, but rather a heater that comes with an incidental light source. It will cost $176 dollars on your energy bill – and that is at current energy rates.”

15 Cool Childrens Room Decor Ideas From Vertbaudet
Digs Digs
“French company Vertbaudet produces awesome products for kids and their rooms. … These rooms feature company’s furniture and elements of decor but you can use their ideas and products of other companies if you want to. Enjoy these 15 children’s room and make your child proud of his or her room.”

3D Wall Art for your Home
“Walls come alive with 3-D art. Turn a wall into a show; make a statement. Whether it is made of plastic, plaster, clay, wood, metal, or any medium including paper, I am seeing more and more interesting wall art. Take a look at these and get inspired to turn a wall into an expression of your personal style!”