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Link love: Virtual home design, reading up on self-sufficiency, and more


16 Tips from a Design Pro
My Home Ideas
Take note of these portable decorating ideas from designer and style expert Charles Birdsong, including using antiques and old books as a design element, balancing lights and darks, and following the shape of a room or an object within.

Plan Your Dream Space Virtually
Charles and Hudson
FloorPlanner, a free service with a meatier Pro version, lets you lay out a room in a simple two-dimensional setup but view the designs in all their 3D glory. It’s as simple and pointing and clicking, dragging and dropping. Don’t try it if don’t have a good half an hour to burn.

5 Books On Self-Sufficiency In The Home
Sarah Rae Trover writes: “For the last few weeks, with temperatures finally (though just slightly) above freezing, we’ve had some serious spring fever. Our thoughts have turned away from our indoor chores and all we can think about is digging in the dirt and taking on new outdoor projects to make us more self-sufficient in our living space — anything but the remains of dirty piles of snow. Here’s a few books to tide you over until Spring is in full swing!”

Navigating Today’s Real Estate Market
HomeIntel Blog
If you’re trying to sell your house, this collection of tips should be helpful. There’s plenty of substance in the article, but this quick summary seems to cover the basics: “Think positive, but be realistic. And clean your house!”