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Link Love: Up-and-coming design trends, tips for hiring an architect, and more


In and out: 5 up-and-coming design trends
“The industry is seeing a shift from aspirational (formal living rooms, grand foyers, soaker tubs) to the practical (open family rooms, ‘drop zones,’ steam showers), according to the Wall Street Journal. Here are five design trends to look for in the future.”

Hiring an Architect? Read This First Developments blog
“There are several questions to ask an architect before design work begins. Some examples: How will the architect establish priorities and make decisions? What is the architect’s design philosophy? What services does the architect provide during construction? Can the architect provide a list of client references?”

3 Easy Ways to Cut Bathroom Remodeling Costs
“A new bathroom will instantly make life at home more comfortable and convenient. Over the long term, bathroom remodeling is well worth the investment, returning upwards of 70 percent of the cost of the renovation when a home is sold. Modern bathrooms are a strong selling point for homebuyers. Yet the costs for a bathroom remodel can add up quickly if homeowners aren’t cautious. Here are three easy ways to ensure that your new bathroom enhances the value of your home, both now and later.”

4 Tricks to Slim Your Heating Bill This Winter
“Winter is quickly approaching—and so are those rising heating bills. While it’s nearly impossible to quit central heat (especially in frigidly cold states), you may be interested to know that you can take action and reduce your heating bill by as much as 30% this winter. How? Read on to find out.”