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Link love: UL now testing "green" claims, church become moderist home, and more


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Test Green Products
One Project Closer
“UL has been a trusted name for product testing for since 1894. They analyze all kinds of goods ranging from duct mastic to baby car seats. Now, UL is an authoritative resource for measuring green products in the marketplace.” This Q&A post includes a five-minute video with UL’s John Drengenberg, recorded specifically for the bloggers at OPC.

Divine White Interior: Church Remodeled into Modern Home
“Some church conversions end up looking like anything but their original function. By using white throughout the stark modern interior of this remodeling project, however, the architects manage to mix both residential minimalism and the classic bright, light and white aspects of an awe-inspiring sanctuary space.” Be sure to click through to check out these photos.

Things You Thought You Could Recycle…But Can’t
DIY Life
“Thankfully, awareness of the environmental need to recycle and shop with reusable tote bags is everywhere. In fact, it’s probably the do-gooder in us all that leads some of us to sort our trash incorrectly — and toss things in the recycling bin that actually can’t be recycled. … Here are some of the items that blur the line for a lots of people. You might think you can recycle these things, but according to the EPA, you actually can’t.”

Best and worst home improvement products
Kathy’s Remodeling Blog
“Are you a fan of Consumer Reports? I am. Totally. The nonprofit company’s integrity and independence remind me of the good old days of journalism. In the May issue of the magazine, CR named the Best and Worst in home fix-it-up products. The winners and losers include…”