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Link Love: Ugliness, sinks, remodeling and choosing windows

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It’s Gonna Get Ugly
This Old House
Desiring a room makeover? Just be grateful you don’t have one of these rooms in your house! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe.

Bathroom Sinks Made from Recycled Rubber Tires
It’s not beyond the prototype stage yet, but some clever designers have found a way to take old tires and turn them into sinks. They look cool and unusual, while being green. An idea whose time has come?

Green Remodeling Tips from Sarah Susanka
Charles and Hudson
We love Sarah Susanka and her vision for remodeling. Here, she shares her tips for green remodeling with Charles and Hudson.

How To Choose A Good Window
Interesting article about windows from an (relative) “outsiders” perspective. We agree: “One of the first things people look to when designing or renovating a home is good, energy efficient windows.”