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Link Love: Transparent house, shipping containers and more

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Before & After: a Family Home in Ireland
“The home had seen a lot of wear and tear over the years and needed a fresh look for a young family. By keeping the focus on the family, Roisin was able to create a design that was colorful and modern, but also practical and functional for all members of the family.”

Quebec Couple Builds a Home Using Four Shipping Containers
Jetson Green
“Kirk Finken and Natalie Fraser of Luskville, Quebec recently finished building a home out of recycled shipping containers. They are both very environment conscious, and after learning how affordable used shipping containers are, and just how beautiful shipping container houses can be, they set to work. ”

5 Tips for Living in a Small (Rental) Bathroom
Charles and Hudson
“My wife and I have lived in a small bathroom for the past 15 years. When I say small, I mean we can practically touch opposing walls when we spread out our arms.”

Weird Japanese house of the week is totally transparent
“Where some people might consider interior walls to have a useful function for internal privacy and space division, the S-house has none, just a series of interconnected platforms spiralling up to the roof.”

Image courtesy of Treehugger