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Link love: Tips on preparing for a successful remodel, lighting mistakes to avoid, and more


What do you really need a permit for?
Home Construction and Improvement
A confusing, troubling issue for some homeowners as they start out on a remodeling project. “Though permit requirements vary from city to city (and by the size and scope of your plan) generally you’ll need a permit for major structural or electrical projects. Here are some of the projects you really need a permit for, though you are still encouraged to double-check with your individual city board.”

12 top remodeling trends for 2011
“The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) conducted an exclusive poll of their top builders and developers for us and found that while most people are not starting major renovation projects due to the economy, now is the time to take care of the smaller jobs around your home. Call it the over-arching remodeling trend for 2011: Tackling small projects while you wait to do the really big remodeling project that’s on your list.”

Recapping the 2011 International Builders’ Show
Marvin Windows Media Room
Yes, we’re linking to ourselves here. This post is our round-up of news and information from the homebuilding industry’s largest convention. It features the new products Marvin unveiled, new products from other leading home product manufacturers, some great interviews, and more.

How to prepare your home and household for a remodel
Charles & Hudson
“Even if you aren’t doing the job yourself, you should take steps to prepare your home and household before a major renovation begins. Once contractors start running around your home and the demo starts, it’s often too late to lay the groundwork for an efficient remodel. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your home & household for a remodel.”

Get the lighting right: 8 mistakes to avoid
“Interior designers are often called upon to give input about lighting in residential environments. In trying to tackle a lighting dilemma, many fixtures get specified in living areas, kitchens and baths that waste energy and do not get light where it is needed most. These ineffective specifications are often repeated as homeowners are unsure of lighting solutions and tricks of the trade. But sometimes, knowing what not to do can help make you look like a pro. Below I list 8 common lighting mistakes to avoid, and how to do it right, as demonstrated by Houzz designers.”