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Link love: timeless vs. trendy design, feng shui basics and more


Design Dilemma: Timeless vs. Trendy
Home Design Find
Here’s some useful design thinking: “Timelessness, not trendiness, makes for sustainable design that need not change from year to year. But does timelessness mean tradition? Can you be timeless but cool and funky at the same time? And what is timelessness, anyway?”

Casa G – Gudmundur Jonsson
Arch Tracker
Eye candy for the day: This stunning house is full of great views, and it puts those views to work. The landscape around the house informs its architecture, with plenty of windows to bring the outside in.

Home Remodeling Trends are Shifting – How Do They Affect You?
Calfinder Blog
The blogger writes, “As times continue to change, so do our homes. Analyzing these changes is Kit Selzer, editor of Better Homes and Gardens, who explains why the kitchen is the new living room, why stainless steel is here to stay, and why remodeling projects are moving forward despite the tough economic times.”

Basic Tips to Feng Shui Your Home
Luxury Housing Trends
We’ve covered feng shui before, with help from’s expert on the subject. If you’d like a shorter, very practical introduction to the art of making your home more livable, check out this post from Luxury Housing Trends, which offers five simple things to try around your house.