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Link Love: Thin, tiny and tall houses

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10 of the world’s thinnest homes
MSN Real Estate
Check out this slideshow of super-thin homes from around the world. Do you think they’re a good use of limited space, or would you feel claustrophobic?

Managing Space in a Tiny Home
Tiny House Blog
“Tiny homes can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you are incapable of accumulating useless junk. On the other, we as tiny home owners would often prefer to keep at least a portion of that junk. Fear not. There are ways to increase the amount of space available to store all of those wonderful items that you cannot live without.”

A Cozy Home in the World’s Tallest Timber Apartment Building
“Located in Melbourne,Forté is the world’s tallest timber apartment building and is filled with sustainable design features: strong, cross-laminated timber construction; rainwater capture use to flush the toilets; a bike and care share program; a veggie garden on each balcony; solar shading; the use of non-toxic materials. So when Ink & Spindle were asked to design a showcase apartment for the building’s launch, they jumped at the chance to showcase their idea of what a sustainable living space could be.”

One of the thinnest houses in America, located in Long Beach, Calif.

Image courtesy of MSN Real Estate