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Link Love: Spring cleaning, staircases and more

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Spring cleaning: 13 things to replace right now
MSN Living
“There’s more to it than clearing out the cobwebs and vacuuming the gnarly coils under your refrigerator. You also need to get rid of the old (and, let’s face it, gross) — and bring in the new.”

8 Tips to Do-It-Yourself While Pregnant
Charles and Hudson
“Since this isn’t my first time being pregnant amid approximately a million home improvement projects, nor is it the first time that being pregnant necessitated some of those projects, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned so that I can DIY while also building a little person.”

Wacky home accents that work
“Want to avoid cookie-cutter decor? Quirky artwork, textiles, and lamps can all add personality to a room. Take a look at how the following interiors steer clear of being ho-hum with the addition of a single over-the-top element that somehow works.”

Spectacular Staircase: Iron Lace Project by Gestion René Desjardins
Design Milk
“This house in Montreal, Canada was built with two things in mind – the homeowner’s love of contemporary art and throwing parties. Sounds like an awesome mix to me, especially since Gestion René Desjardins also incorporated a spectacular staircase in anthracite iron lace, hence its name, Iron Lace Project.”

Image courtesy of Design Milk