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Link Love: Solar panel design, seaside views, breaking design rules, universal design must-haves


High Design With Solar Panels
“Living off the grid may not be as easy as slapping some solar panels on a roof or side of a building, but it definitely helps reduce those electricity bills. But if one decides to add solar panels to a house, how to do it? While the panels have slimmed down in size and are making strides towards looking less solar-panel-like, most homeowners do not want to call attention to them. And integrating them into an existing house requires some consideration and skill. What follows are some examples of various ways solar panels are being integrated into home design.”

Six Sensational Seaside Bedrooms
“From straight up modern to a little bit British Colonial, bedrooms by the sea rank up there with some of the most romantic imaginable. And, yes, sometimes it’s more about the view than the decor!”

Breaking design rules
Centsational Girl
“A reader recently wrote in and asked an important question when it comes to designing a space. Leah W. wondered whether some design rules were made to be broken and were there a few examples or illustrations for successfully breaking those rules?”

Builder Magazine Presents Universal Design Must-Haves
Charles and Hudson
“The great thing about Universal Design is that it’s smart, functional design that makes sense–whether you’re aging or not. We’ve talked about UD before here at C&H, and with the latest round-up of UD-friendly products released by Builder magazine, we thought it was prime time to revisit the subject. If you’re looking to incorporate UD into your home, this list provides an excellent starting point–and much of it is DIY-friendly, too.”