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Link Love: Smart Recycling Bins, Color Comes to Life and DIY Gone Wrong


High-Tech Bins Will Fine People for Not Recycling
Cleveland has a new solution for reluctant recyclers: “The city’s officials plan to implement a smart recycling bin program city-wide that will fine residents up to $100 for not recycling. The smart bins will eventually cover all 150,000 households and will monitor how many times residents take their recycling bins to the curb. If it is noted that a household isn’t bringing their recyclables out, their regular trash will be sorted through and if more than 10% recyclables are found, they’ll be fined.”

Don’t It Yourself
Not every DIY project has a fairytale ending. For anyone who’s relied upon bubble gum and duct tape for a quick fix, these photos are for you.

5 Factors in Kitchen Pricing
Kitchen + Bath Business

Wonder why the final costs of a kitchen remodeling project often differ so greatly from the initial estimate? Here’s a breakdown of where your money goes once the project launches.

“One of the easiest ways to live a green lifestyle is to simply buy only what you need. This is especially true when it comes to painting your spaces. Sure, it’s nice to have a small amount for touch-ups down the road, but that doesn’t mean you want rogue half gallons (or even whole!) sitting in your garage taking up space! Eliminate the waste and buy the correct amount to begin with.”

5 Ways to Make Colors Pop
Here’s some helpful hints from the folks at GE on how to make the colors your home come alive.