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Link love: Shopping for vessel sinks, decorating tips for hallways and more


Choosing a Vessel Sink Design For Your Bathroom
Charles and Hudson
“Vessel sinks are the hottest new trend in bathroom design. In many ways, vessel sinks are a throwback to a time before plumbing when people washed up each morning in elaborate china basins that sat atop their bedroom vanities. …
To choose the perfect vessel sink for your decorating style, start by matching material to design.” This post offers a great overview of the considerations you should make when shopping for a vessel sink.

Design Dilemma: Help for Hallways
Home Design Find
“We lavish lots of attention on perfecting our kitchens, living rooms, and even our bedrooms. But there’s one space that ironically is the most used AND the most neglected: the hallway. Many of us simply forget to spend any time at all making it a more pleasant passage. Just a few touches, however, can make a dramatic difference that will have even more impact if a hallway begins at your front door.”

The Scoop on Radiant Floor Heat
A run-down of the pros and cons (mostly pros) of radiant floor heating. All sorts of advantages — relative efficiency, invisible, silent — seem as though they outweigh the big drawback: the system is far from quick to kick in when you need it.

Fabulous and Fire Resistant
“Located in Malibu, CA, this weekend get-away was designed with an emphasis on sustainability and fire resistance. Owners and architects Nick Roberts and Cory Buckner incorporated a ‘noncombustible shell’ and ‘deep-set fire-resistant windows’ into its construction. The couple’s interest in fire resistance comes from personal experience. In 1993, a wild fire consumed the 4000 sf they were living in at they time. They escaped the fire with 3 carloads of belongings and moved into Cory’s parent’s house 30 minutes away. A week later, fire destroyed that house too.”

You could say they’re a little obsessed: Theme houses and replica rooms
“There are people who love a good theme room, and then there are people who really love a good theme room. For whatever reason, sometimes obsession sets in, and quite suddenly you’re knee-deep in a replica room.” This post introduces you to a few of these gung-go shelter geeks, with photos, of course.