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Link Love: Seesaw bookshelf, winter-proofing tips, and more


Seesaw bookshelf by BCXSY
Design Milk
“Although not a new design, I just discovered it so it’s new to me! Japanese company BCXSY’s Seesaw bookshelf is a pretty neat concept. I bet you could put books you’ve read on one end and ones you’ haven’t read yet on the other. Which side would be heavier for you?”

VIDEO: How to Winter-Proof Your Home, With Eco-Blogger Starre Vartan
“We’ve enlisted the help of green energy expert Steve Schappert to take eco-fashion blogger and author Starre Vartan through a home energy audit and winter weatherization home makeover. Watch the video above to find out where Starre’s home was lacking when it came to energy efficiency, and learn how you can pinpoint and remedy similar problems in your own home.”

Instagram Find: Guess the Project
“Follow the right folks on Instagram and you’ll get a daily glimpse of buildings all over the world. Follow Melbourne-based architect Kevin Hui of 4site Architecture, and you’ll get an education. Each day Hui posts a picture from his architectural perambulations (the man appears to do nothing but photograph cool buildings) and encourages his followers to guess what it is. But good luck guessing, design nerds. The answer is never Fallingwater.”

Refresh Your Front Entry
Better Homes & Gardens
“An updated front entry makes a welcoming first impression. From stylish accessories to a fresh color palette, customize your home with a personality-packed ensemble.”

image courtesy of Design Milk