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Link Love round-up: Interior design tips and remodeling ideas for the whole family


Tastefully Incorporating Televisions
Design ideas for placing TVs tastefully. Unfortunately, they can be an eye-sore sometimes. “There are many tasteful ways to incorporate televisions into living rooms, it just takes a little extra planning and foresight. The ultimate solution is to hide it away when not in use, or flush mount it inside the wall or built-in cabinet. Not everyone has the budget for custom solutions, so read on for a mix of good ideas that will have you watching in style.”

We tried it: Using a remote design service
“I’ve been intrigued by the idea of “remote” interior design services for some time now, and I recently decided to give it a try. I wanted to get a designer’s reaction to our master bedroom because I was having issues with color and needed help with finishing touches to pull it all together.” Here’s how it went…

Remodeling Rules Have Changed
Charles & Hudson
“The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard has announced that in 2010 remodeling will increase 5% over 2009. This would mark the first increase since 2006. Great news for all of us in the home improvement business. But the key factor to note from this study was not the minor increase but more why people are choosing to remodel.”

4 Cool House Projects for the Whole Gang
CalFinder Blog
“If you prefer a root canal over tackling home improvement projects, then it may be time you take a less conventional approach. How about getting your family or group of best beds to keep you company while lightening your load? Here are some home improvement projects perfect for the whole gang.”

Photo courtesy of and Jacobs Design