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Link love: Reclaimed wood for tables and floors, making radiators look stunning, and more on smart grid tech


Danish Tabletops Made from Leftover Industrial Materials

“These tabletops by Danish designer Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt are made from leftover wood and laminates from the Danish kitchen manufacturer Multiform. The project was carried out at the National Workshops for Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, and is the second project of its kind from Vibeke.”

Teak Mosaic Tiles Made from Decommissioned Boats
Luxury Housing Trends
Speaking of piecing together reclaimed wood: These beautiful wood floors, called Driftwood Mosaics, “are made from from old-growth teak that is reclaimed from decommissioned boats in China that are more than 100 years old.”

Contemporary Glass Radiators for Central Heating System – Art Glass Radiators
“Central heating radiators are usually boring and simple but these ones are not only functional but also stylish. The Art Glass Radiators by Tell Me First are designed to be easily fitted into your existing central heating system but also can feature some beautiful pictures on the glass. … All you need are large, high quality photos and you’ll be able to express yourself in your interior even with radiators.”

Smart Grid: 10 Definitions and Why the Grid Should Matter to the Consumer
“High capital investments and the overall attention and research surrounding smart grid technology have made the push for smart grid quite aggressive. Although the term ‘smart grid’ is frequently used, do we really know what it means? Is it something that the normal consumer should care about? And why should they? In efforts to understand the meaning of smart grid we shall take a brief look at how a mix of companies and government agencies are defining smart grid.”