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Link Love: Reclaimed Bowling Lane Furniture, Backyard Entertaining Tips and More

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Today’s installment in our Best of the Web link-love series brings us some great tips on eco-friendly backyard entertaining (including ideas for natural mosquito repellents), considerations for choosing the most appropriately sized area rug for your room, and pictures of furniture made from reclaimed bowling alley wood. Yes, bowling alley. Read on.

What is it – candlestick holder or cable TV antenna?
The Hardware Aisle
Look at the image at right. What is it? I’ll give you a hint: it’s neither of the items hinted at in the headline of a post from the The Hardware Aisle blog. They’re not egg dishes or candle holders, either. They’re a pair of magnetic door stops. Neat function and great fashion.

Eco-Friendly Backyard Entertaining with Danny Seo
Danny Seo is contributing editor for Better Homes & Gardens’ Living Green section. In this four-minute video clip, he shares some tips a great-smelling way to start your charcoal grill, using specific plants as natural mosquito repellents, and some tricks for getting more creative use out of simple little solar lights.

Design Dilemma: Choosing the Right Size Area Rug
Home Design Find
Choosing the right area rug might not strike you as a big design dilemma, but doing it right does require more thought than many folks might give. A couple of the tips: Aim to accomodate all your furniture on a rug or none of it on a rug, and in a bedroom, area rugs that extend beyond the bed about 18 inches look the most balanced. Read the post for more things to consider.

Reclaimed Bowling Lane Furniture
Developed by a company that was started when its founder needed a way to pay for his home despite a losing his job as a television producer, these tables made from the wood of the bowling lanes themselves look classier than you might imagine. Now that they successfully sold to both individuals and companies like Starbucks, I’d imagine the creator is having a little less trouble with his house payments.