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Link Love: Planning spring remodeling, "not so big" living, home improvements that don't pay, and more


Why You Should Plan Your Spring Remodel Now
CalFinder Blog
“Spring season is the best time to kickoff the planning phase of your remodel. It typically takes a few weeks to find a contractor, sketch out a plan and shop for home improvement products, and then weeks more for installation to wrap up. If you’d like a project completed by summer, it’s best to start this month. Homeowners that delay are often left with lower-quality contractors, as the most sought-after companies get booked up first.”

Pioneers of Small Living: Sarah Susanka
“It’s been over 10 years since Sarah Susanka wrote her first best-selling book, The Not So Big House. Since then, she’s published eight more books which expand on her small living philosophy, including those dedicated to remodeling, landscaping and even how to live a ‘not so big’ life. … Her mantra of ‘build better, not bigger’ has had wide-spread influence and garnered legions of fans who are embracing this different way of thinking.”

Home Upgrades That Don’t Pay Off
Real Simple
“Five renovation projects that experts say just aren’t worth your time (or money).”

Why You Should Schedule A Home Inspection
Charles and Hudson
” ‘Owning a home remains one of the most significant financial investments most people will make in their lifetime,’ said Kurt Salomon, president of the American Society of Home Inspectors, in an ASHI press release. ‘Periodic inspections conducted by a qualified professional are one of the best ways to protect that investment.’ ”

Six Easy DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Remodeling Guy
Another example of one of the Remodeling Guy’s favorite tricks: Find a nice photo of a gorgeous home and point out nice little home improvement lessons anyone can learn from that photo.