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Link Love: Photo booths, private cities and more

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How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies: Super Simple DIY Trap
Apartment Therapy
“The “paper cone of death” fruit fly trap is one way to kill those annoying little pests. But, the other day, when I was having trouble fitting a paper cone into my glass, I discovered an alternate solution that’s just as effective!”

Developers building crime-free private city outside Guatemalan capital
“The scheme’s developers promote Cayala as a safe haven from the capital’s dangerous and congested streets, and hope to eventually expand the project into a new private city spread across 352 hectares.

Access is by car through a single gate leading to an underground garage, from which visitors emerge through covered escalators onto streets patrolled by armed guards.”

California Solar Initiative Reaches 1 Gigawatt Milestone
“The state of California has been giving rebates under the California Solar Initiative to those who install solar power systems, both for residential and commercial use. So far the program has helped fund more than 1-gigawatt of solar power capacity, an important milestone that few countries, and even fewer states, have reached.”

Fotio: A Photo Booth Without the Booth
Design Milk
“Chances are if you’ve been to some sort of party or event in recent years they’ve had a photo booth of sorts set up. Sometimes it’s just a wall with a backdrop that someone has made and other times it’s one of those fancy booths they have on the boardwalk. Now there’s Fotio, a photo booth without the actual booth.”

Image courtesy of Design Milk.