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Salt in a skillet: Cuts grease!

Link Love: Old Sweaters on Your Chairs, Cleaning Windows with Newspapers and More

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Today’s link-love round-up covers refurbishing furniture, tips for cleaning, and what matters for home appraisers. Let’s get to it!

How To: Repurpose Old Sweaters into Chair Covers
Have some old sweaters you don’t wear anymore? Have some dining room chairs that could use a recovering? Perfect! Check out this post from Re-Nest and see how those old sweaters can give your chairs. A unique bit of style, and what a conversation piece, huh?

66 All-Natural Cleaning Solutions
Real Simple
The title pretty much sums it up. A huge list of all-natural cleaning agents to help you tackle loads of household chores with common household items like lemons, toothpaste and salt.

Yes, He Does Windows
New York Times
What’s a great way to clean windows that both works and doesn’t smell terrible? This test-and-report piece from the Times offers some guidance. Most surprising is the reporter’s preferred wiping material: newspaper.

What Matters for Home Appraisals
One Project Closer
Ethan at One Project Closer writes: “So I asked the appraiser what upgrades matter most. Here are the aspects of a home that have the greatest impact (at least for our area): kitchen, master bathroom, finished basement, bathroom in basement, new windows, new roof.” Click over for more insights into what makes home appraisers tick, which can be useful for anyone who’s buying or selling a home.

Photo courtesy of cbertel on Flickr