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Link Love: Home cleaning cheat-sheet, Jetsons-worthy kitchens, leather sinks, and more


Home cleaning checklist and cheat-sheet
“Over the last few weeks, we’ve been offering free, downloadable check lists and cheat sheets to make your spring cleaning efforts simple and effective. First, we shared a list of tasks and DIY, green cleaners for the kitchen, and last week, an easy way to make it through that most dreaded of rooms, the bathroom. Today, we’re tackling everything else: carpets/rugs, windows, furniture, walls, and odors.”

Modern Kitchens Worthy of The Jetsons
CalFinder Blog
“We’ve shown how a kitchen renovation can give you the biggest return on investment in your home. Yes, even simply replacing your dishwasher and oven can majorly revolutionize the function, efficiency and beauty of your space. Well. These kitchens go above and beyond in their modernization. Not only do they incorporate the latest and most efficient appliances (steel, think steel), but they have added cabinetry and other beautiful materials to make the entire space positively out of this world.”

A sink made of leather
“What is that? A sink made of leather?! It’s not, actually, this sink is made of copper. This sink is made by a California-based company Native Trails. The sink is manufactured of special copper, it’s recycled copper from pipes and wirings which are melted down. The rest of the process is made by an artisan, so it’s hand made.” And it looks like leather!

Home safety tips for travelers
DIY Life
“In the craziness of planning for our holiday travel and vacations, we often forget to take the necessary steps to safeguard our home from intruders. It’s not necessary to have a home security system such as a home alarm or security camera, although those types of precautions are a great deterrent. Here are some tips for homeowners who don’t have home security systems but want some piece of mind before locking up.”

FSC Reclaimed Teak by IndoTeak Design
Jetson Green
“California-based IndoTeak Design has what it calls “the greenest teak products on the market.“ Its FSC-certified, post-consumer, recycled teak products — flooring, paneling, siding, and decking — come from Indonesian structures up to 300 years old.”