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Link love: Exploring the idea of "un-decorating," finding energy-efficient appliances and more


TopTen Helps You Find the Most Energy-Efficient Products
“This week TopTen USA, a new non-profit organization, launched its free, web-based rankings of the 10 most energy-efficient household products in a wide range of categories, from televisions to refrigerators and washers.”

15 ways remodeling equals a better life
Remodeling Guy
“Why remodel? I used to think the answer was as much resale value as anything else. I’m older and wiser now and that’s a good thing because resale value is, at least for now, not the best reason to remodel. So why? Of course we both know that there are lots and lots and lots of reasons, but they all boil down to the same thing. A better life. How can remodeling equal a better life?”

Steal This Look: Simple San Francisco kitchen
“First spotted on Desire to Inspire: the simple kitchen of San Francisco-based photographer Heidi Lender. Recreate the streamlined look with a few reasonably priced elements from Ikea and other sources.”

Winterizing your windows with class
“Winterizing your windows for the cold weather can not only create a season-appropriate beauty for your dwelling, but can, according to the US Department of Energy, also reduce your heating cost as much as 30 percent. … But don’t think that you have to undergo a major renovation project to help winterize your windows and keep out the cold this winter. And don’t think that creating a winter home means laboriously creating an entirely new home. Though structural changes can improve efficiency the most, small changes can also do wonders. From small things you can do to the actual windows, to ways to shielding from the cold, these examples show how to keep out the cold with class.”

L.A. designer Alison Blumenfeld on effortless un-decorating
“Lately I am hearing the same thing from clients, they all want houses that don’t feel “decorated”. This does not mean they don’t want to use a decorator, or that they don’t want to decorate their homes, it’s that they are striving for a new aesthetic. One that feels less mass produced, more personal. Perhaps it’s a reaction to the pillow littered, tassel trimmed, overstuffed houses they grew up in, or since we as a society are more casual they are striving for an environment to mirror that, perhaps it’s nothing more than wanting to define themselves in a new way. With social networks and magazines encouraging us to define ourselves through our acquisitions, associations, and interests it makes sense that the home is responding in kind.”