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LINK LOVE: Everything you need to know about Passive


Photo by Peter Guthrie

Summer is heating up and air-conditioning bills are rising, which has us thinking about passive houses. Passive houses are so efficient they keep themselves cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wondering what a Passive House is? Check out these great links below to learn more.

Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)

PHIUS is where you are going to find all the building guidelines for Passive House certifications in the U.S. climate zones. This site has everything from how to get the training needed to become a certified passive house builder, FAQ’s and much more!

Passive House Alliance United States

For a visual of how a Passive house works, check out The Passive House Alliance.  This site has all the latest news and events, as well as inspiring case studies and useful community resources.

Passive Building with Marvin

Marvin now offers Passive House window options that have been certified by the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS). With Marvin’s high performing Passive Houses windows, homeowners can now have ultra efficient windows with Marvin’s trademark beauty and design.

Canadian Passive House Institute’s Video Page

This page has a great collection of videos that easily explain the concept and execution of the Passive House building style. I would recommend watching “Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds” if you are completely new to the concept of Passive Houses.