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Link Love: Dining room remodel, reviewing Mrs. Meyer's detergent, and kitchen ideas

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Here’s today’s round-up of some interesting and hopeful helpful posts from around the Web. If you have any suggestions for articles you’ve found interesting — or maybe some great photos of remodels or design projects — let us know in the comments.

Transforming a dining room for entertaining at home
PointClickHome Interior designer Mark Culter provides an overview of “five things that we did to turn [the existing dining room] into the new space” for entertaining guests. Check the before and after photos: The upgrade on the chandelier is arguably the best change he made.

Test Lab: Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry Detergent
Re-Nest Trent Johnson at Re-Nest offers up a simple review of this earth-friendly laundry detergent. Check the discussion in the comments, too, for some more thoughts from other users (and a fiesty little tangent about proper grammar!).

5 Ways To Keep Excitement In Your Kitchen
The Kitchen Designer As writer Susan Serra says, “Even the most perfectly designed, fully functional kitchen can feel just a bit tired at times. That’s my theory. Doesn’t matter how beautiful, how state-of-the-art it is, that feeling can sneak into anyone’s thoughts in any kitchen, anywhere at anytime. BOREDOM!” She offers five simple ideas for fixing the boredom, frustration and helplessness that might set in. What have you read lately that we should know about?