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Link Love: Countertops, Creative Painting, Cabins and a Garden Inside


Incredible Textured Kitchen Countertops
According to CalFinder, “Cosentino North America has quarried and extracted semi-precious stones like amethyst, jasper, quartz and more… And their commitment to green manufacturing is impressive: Cosentino’s ECO line uses 75% post-consumer/industrial recycled materials, including mirrors, porcelain, stone scraps and glass bottles.” And they look great.

Before & After: Kati’s dining room + Dominique’s hall
Some inspiration for great, creative paint jobs. Take a room from OK to awesome with a clever idea and some good weekend work. Be sure to scroll down to see the photos of Dominique’s staircase.

First-Class Cabins
“From the familiar log model to Swiss chalets and Swedish friggebods, cabins are the simplest of structures, made from local materials in forms that respond to climatic and cultural needs. However, these no-frills wilderness escapes no longer require giving up modern comforts and aesthetics. Today’s cabins synthesize traditional typology with present-day design know-how and allow architectural explorations in a way traditional homes rarely do. Here we highlight five modern retreats that might give you cabin fever of a different sort.”

House with Enclosed Internal Garden
This is direct from the “eye candy” category: We’re sharing it mostly because this house looks amazing. Most homes with gardens put them on the outside, but this house is built around a garden. And it’s stunning.