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Link Love: Cool links from around the web for Nov. 29, 2012

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The Woman Who Invented the Kitchen
“The idea that housework is work now seems like a commonplace. We contract it out to housekeepers, laundromats, cleaning services, takeout places. We divvy it up: You cooked dinner, I’ll do the dishes. We count it as a second shift, as well as primary employment. But it wasn’t until the early part of the 20th century that first a literature, and then a science, developed about the best way to cook and clean. The results of this research shape the way we treat housework today, and created a template for the kitchen that remains conceptually unchanged from the 1920s. And the woman who made the kitchen better? She couldn’t cook.”

Home, squeezed home: Living in a 200-square-foot space
Washington Post
“Step into an alleyway in the Northeast Washington neighborhood known as Stronghold, and you will see a vegetable patch, a campfire, a view of the Capitol and a cluster of what neighbors call “those tiny people, building their tiny houses.”

Movie: 6×11 Alpine Hut by OFIS Arhitekti
“Film studio Carniolus has produced a series of movies to document the architecture of Slovenian practice OFIS Arhitekti and the first gives a tour of the 6×11 Alpine Hut, a holiday home in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park.”

A Transparent Bubble You Can Live In: Cocoon 1 by Micasa Lab
Design Milk
“We all want to escape sometimes and have a few moments on our own and Micasa LAB’s Cocoon 1 is a bubble-like pod that gives you the solitude you might long for with several modern conveniences you might not want to live without. Their goal was to create a piece of furniture that becomes a separate little world, or a room within a room – basically, a whole new space wherever it’s situated. While it’s not a place to live in full-time, it’s a place you can kick back and relax in (or cook!) without feeling completely separate from the world.”

Photo courtesy of Design Milk.