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Link Love: Can you believe these houses?!

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The Brain-Bending Building of Krzywy Domek
Apartment Therapy
“No, you’re not drunk, and no, this isn’t some kind of Photoshop trick. This is an actual building designed in 2004 by someone who had a little too much fun at architecture firm Szotynscy & Zaleski. Krzywy Domek (“Crooked House”) is a shopping center in Sopot, Poland, and those crazy curves are for real.”

The Latest Way to Use Books: As Building Material
“Books are renowned for building worlds, and sometimes they do so literally. From July 31 to August 26, the Southbank Center in London will play host to “aMAZEme,” a vast labyrinth constructed from 200,000 books. The project, dreamed up by Brazilian artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo, features 500 square meters worth of winding, 8-foot walls. But the maze’s most unusual aspect might be the shape it takes when seen from a bird’s-eye view: a single, swirling fingerprint.”

Incredible, Impenetrable Homes
MSN Real Estate
“You’ve heard of a panic room? This is a panic home with a panoramic view and lockdown mode.”

Lifelong Layover: Old jets being recycled as homes
The Bottom Line
“Picture a packed tarmac at any municipal airport then add grass, trees, streets, cars and pedestrians. Now, you’re basically catching the breeze of Bruce Campbell’s ultimate recycling concept: a full subdivision of retired and refurbished commercial jets, looking exactly as they did when they soared seven miles high.”