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Link Love: Boosting Curb Appeal, Printing with Coffee Grinds and Solar Power Shingles

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Today’s link love post includes ideas on cheap ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, a device that lets you save money on printing costs, and shingles that generate solar power. Let’s get to it.

10 Cheap Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal
Charles & Hudson
Using some tips from Shop Smart magazine as a launching pad, the good folks at Charles & Hudson share 10 tips on cheap ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. Some would go further than others, but they’re all dead simple. Add a welcome mat, paint the front door, place some potted plants. Simple but effective for adding nice touches to the look and feel of your home.

Dump Coffee Grinds In Your Printer????
Home Design Find
Unfortunately this idea only exists in concept, but it’s wacky enough to warrant a mention. Like most people, you probably don’t enjoy spending boatloads of money on ink for your printer. And like most people, you probably never thought used coffee grinds could be the solution to that problem. But someone thought that. Thus, we have the concept for the RITI Coffee Printer, which is billed not only as a quirky, creative and cost-effective system but also an eco-friendly one. Repurpose your coffee and cut down on wasted materials at the same time.

Researchers Unveil Flexible Solar Cell Roof Shingles
The folks at Inhabitat uncovered a cool product developed by researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Flexible and moisture-resistant solar-power-generating roof tiles. Used like shingles, these are a great way to put otherwise wasted space to good use without adding the clunkiness of huge solar panels to your home.