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Link Love: An iPad just for your kitchen, savvy storage finds at the flea market, and more


Why Your Kitchen Wants Its Own iPad
“As a hard-core iPad fan since day one and a certifiable foodie, I can tell you that the kitchen is the single best place to use an iPad. Sure, you can bring your iPad into the kitchen. But you really should buy your kitchen its very own. Don’t think of it as a needless expense; think of it as the cheapest possible way to transform your kitchen into the futuristic smart kitchen of tomorrow.”

From Flea Market Finds to Savvy Storage
Better Homes and Gardens
“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure — at least when it comes to these flea market finds. See how they were transformed into pretty storage solutions without it costing a fortune.”

Build a Fire Ring Pit With Stone and Sweat
Charles & Hudson
“One of our favorite projects is this stacked stone fire pit that was made for under $500. It took some heavy lifting to place the stones and lay the foundation but at the end of the day these homeowners not only enjoyed a beautiful centerpiece to their yard but also the satisfaction in knowing that they built it themselves.”

8 Splendid Side Yard Designs
“Welcome to the unsung hero of the domestic landscape: the side yard. Some of us close our eyes while rushing through that narrow space, merely to get from point A (the front yard) to point B (the backyard). It’s often a dark, weedy spot squeezed between the garage and the fence. What’s there to love? But for many garden owners, space will always be at a premium. And instead of using the side yard to stash your recycling bin and garbage can out of sight, why not turn that slender location into a lush, quiet garden?”