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Photo by Kevin Zolkiewics

Link Love: American Castles


Photo by Kevin Zolkiewics

Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, NY
Boldt Castle was built to be a display of George C. Boldt’s love for his wife, Louise. The castle’s construction was halted before its completion when Louise died suddenly in 1904. The castle was abandoned until 1977 when the Thousand Island Bridge Authority acquired it, restored it and opened it to the public.

Casa Loma in Toronto, Ontario
Casa Loma was built by Canadian entrepreneur Sir Henry Pellatt in 1914 to be his dream home. Sir Pellatt only got to live in his castle for 10 years before his fortune was spent. The castle went through various cycles of failed re-purposing before the city of Toronto bought the castle for the $27,303 that was owed in back taxes. Casa Loma is now one of Toronto’s top tourist attractions.

10 More Must See Castles
Pack your most courtly clothing and plug all these castles into your GPS because this list would make a great themed road trip. Most of the castles are on the East Coast,  but there’s one in Texas, one in California, and one in Hawaii.

Trade your New York Apartment for a Castle
After your road trip there is no way you’re going to want to go back to a castle-less life, so here is a list of castles that are cheaper than a New York apartment.