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Life in a Yurt

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The New York Times recently featured an Alaskan couple living in a yurt (a Mongolian tent) in their Home & Garden section. This couple’s commitment to living a sustainable lifestyle might be extreme, but it is admirable.

Many aspects of their life, such as lack of running water or central heat, make it seem downright old-fashioned. But there are a lot of modern touches: unlike traditional yurts, which are made with wool, their yurt is made of Duro-Last with Tyvek insulation. There’s also Broadband Internet access, which brings this lifestyle into the modern era.

What’s important to you? If you want to live a sustainable lifestyle, how far will you go? What will you give up? What can’t you live without? What makes your life more pleasant, but isn’t totally necessary?

We may not all decide to live in yurts, but if we are strategic about greening our homes, we can live more sustainable lifestyles.

Photo of a traditional yurt courtesy of dwrawlinson on Flickr.