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LED Christmas lights: Easy on the eyes and your energy bill


Colder weather isn’t  the only culprit for escalating energy bills come December. No one ever said Christmas spirit was cheap.

Outdated Christmas lights can be a major power drain compared to modern, energy efficient lights. In fact, according to, “a household with an extravagant Christmas light display will spend enough money to heat and power an average house for six weeks.”

But that doesn’t mean anyone should skip Christmas lights altogether and just become the neighborhood Scrooge. Instead,  cost savvy and environmentally aware Christmas enthusiasts alike are starting to switch to LED Christmas lights, and the benefits are numerous.

LED Christmas lights can last up to 20 years, use 10 percent of the energy and produce significantly less carbon dioxide compared to incandescent Christmas lights. They also put off considerably less heat, reducing the risk of a fire. This year, many retailers are offering rebates when consumers exchange incandescent lights to go LED.

What’s more: LED lights really pop. We’re talking high-definition compared to analog.

So, for those keeping score at home, LED Christmas lights are brighter, cheaper, safer and more energy efficient.

It turns out some Christmas shopping can be simple.