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Last commercial project standing

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We’re very close to the final round of the Architect’s Challenge Showdown! Only three of the current top 10 will go on, and only one will be the Showdown winner. We’ve had more than 110,000 votes over the course of the Showdown — add yours today!

Throughout the Showdown, there have been some very innovative commercial projects. In Round 4, there’s only one left standing. Let’s take a look at your top commercial Showdown project.

This might look like a warm and cozy stone cottage, but it’s actually an 8,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Connecticut. Can you imagine coming to work here every day? The great architecture no doubt helps make it a great place to go to work. The goal was to have a commercial building that embodied a warm, inviting, residential appeal. With this clever design, we think the architect succeeded.

Do you think a beautifully designed building helps people be happy at work? To vote for this or other projects, please visit the Architect’s Challenge Showdown.

ACMAT Corporate Headquarters
Designed by Thomas P. Arcari of Quisenberry Arcari Architects, LLC