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Kitchens and Baths — Top Design Trends From the Architectural Digest Home Show

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Over Smeg 2 Smeg 1 Plaid fridge

If you ever wonder where to go to get a first look at some of the hottest trends in home design, then the Architectural Digest Home Show is for you!  If you couldn’t make it this year, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Since there are so many trends from the show to cover, here are just a few kitchen and bath trends that caught our eye.

Retro — With the popularity of Mad Men and nods to the ‘50s and ‘60s throughout fashion magazines, it should be no surprise that we saw an influx of products paying homage to the “good ol’ days” in virtually every booth. One place where the nostalgia trend seems to be making a comeback in a major way is in the kitchen. We saw an array of refrigerators, toasters, ovens, blenders—you name it—that had the look and feel of the kitchens of yesteryear. Some of our favorites:

Smeg. A company that touts itself as having “technology with style” delivered on that promise this year with its “‘50s Style” line.  After the successful launch of its retro-colored refrigerators (I’m in love with the bright orange fridge), Smeg extended its offerings to include toasters, blenders, stand mixers and kettles. These immaculately designed products were displayed in a variety of colors reminiscent of the creative and colorful style of the ‘50s and are perfect for anyone who is looking to extend a little Mid-Century Modern fun into the kitchen space.

Big Chill. This Colorado-based company made its debut to the kitchen scene with a line of brightly colored refrigerators, which quickly extended into microwaves, stoves, hoods and wall ovens.  This year, Big Chill is hoping you will “take your kitchen to another time” with its Retro line of kitchen products.  These period-inspired designs come in fun colors like light pink, soft yellow and pastel green and were definitely catching the eye of show attendees.  Taking the nostalgia theme to a whole new level, they even showcased a striking plaid refrigerator. This was a little much for my taste, but for someone who really wants to make a bold statement in the kitchen, you can’t get much bolder than that!

Dark, Jewel-Toned Stoves — Taking the colorful kitchen theme in a different direction, dark, jewel-toned stoves were another trend you couldn’t miss at the show. Every high-end kitchen manufacturer from Viking to Wolf to BlueStar had a stove on display that bucked the stainless trend and featured gorgeous stoves in luxurious colors. Ranging from deep blue to rich burgundy, some pieces looked more like a piece of jewelry than a kitchen appliance. One of my favorites in this category was a deep indigo blue stove with gold nobs. It was almost too pretty to imagine using for cooking!

Space-Conscious Bathrooms — Two fast growing trends in bathroom design are wall-mounted vanities and wall-mounted toilets.  Yes, these two trends are great options for Universal Design, but beyond that, homeowners are going for the wall-mounted look to give their bathrooms a more open, airy and clean look.  Like a lot of trends in home design and fashion, this trend started in Europe, where small bathrooms are the norm, and has quickly made its way to the States as a way to save space.

Freestanding Tubs — Today, more than ever, bathrooms are viewed as living spaces people want to spend more time in, versus just a necessity.  As such, there is a huge movement toward designs in which fixtures are furniture pieces rather than just mundane, everyday objects.  As such, it should be no surprise that there is a growing trend in using beautiful, freestanding tubs in the bathroom.  Now available in a multiple materials, finishes and with a variety of detail, it is a way to get that spa feeling at home and create a space you actually want to spend more time in….especially when that tub is placed in front of a window!