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Keeping your home cool during the dog days of summer


You’re not crazy — this has been one of the warmest summers ever, and surely those without central air can attest. Heat streaks such as these remind us there many ways to cool the home. Even those without central air — the brave, we’ll call them — can find respite without adding appliances and major duct work.

From Shawn Gauthier at Houzz comes a list of the best ways to cool a home — and save on your energy bill. So grab a tall glass of iced tea and plan your house cooling strategy. The dog days of summer have only just begun.

Tips for cooling the home

  • Use liners with your shades — Think of it as another line(r) of defense against letting in those warm sun rays
  • Install ceiling fans —Circulating air is sometimes just as comforting as cooling it.
  • Open the windows at night — Make sure you’re opening windows throughout the home to create air flow. And make it a rule that the first person to wake in the morning closes the windows, trapping the coolness inside.
  • Allow ivy to crawl up the walls — Not only can it look great, it provides another buffer from the sunlight, especially on exteriors facing west and south.
  • Get a hood fan — Ever boil water in a home that’s already warm? A hood fan can prevent the spread of warm and moist air.

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Photo courtesy Houzz