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Is the Typical Homeowner Ready for a Green Roof?


Green roofs are definitely a growing trend in large commercial and institutional buildings. Planted with sod or other vegetation, they can reduce the “heat island” effect and keep significant amounts of water from running off, reducing the contaminants carried into streams and groundwater.

But is the typical homeowner ready for a living roof? It’s certainly an idea that’s been around throughout much of human history. And new construction methods make it cleaner, more leakproof and more energy efficient than the kind of thatched roof cottage you’d have seen in the English countryside 200 years ago. Modern sod roofs have been widely used in Scandinavia for decades, and you can use one on only part of the roof if you’re not willing to take the full plunge.

It’s a fascinating question that each homeowner will have to weigh individually. If you’re interested, here’s a quick primer on green roofs from This Old House.

Photo courtesy of This Old House.