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Interior Design: Don't fall for trends - think long term


Stacks of home magazines are scattered throughout your home. You have compiled dozens of pinboards for inspiration on Pinterest. Every time you channel surf, you wind up on HGTV.

These are just some of the symptoms of trend fever. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out the latest trends as you plan your next interior design project. But there’s one big problem with trends — they come and go.

Herein lies one of the great challenges of planning home design: How do you incorporate modern style without compromising timelessness?

The folks at have some great tips to solving this conundrum.

  1. Stay true to yourself. Your home should speak to your tastes and sensibilities, both of which are developed over many years and are less likely to change as quick as trends do.
  2. Don’t buy everything from the same place. Collections come and go for a reason. Just as soon as your new couch and chair leave the showroom floor at Crate & Barrel, they’ve been rendered passe.
  3. Allow yourself years to decorate, not months. Think of your decor as part of a continuing evolution. Investing in everything all at once is sure to date your home.
  4. When you see a trend you think you want, wait. How can you be sure a trend will survive the test of time? Simply by testing it with time. If you find yourself obsessed with a trend still several months later, it was meant to be.