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Inspiration for dining room and kitchen makeovers


Everyone’s looking to make their home a little more inviting and comfortable, right? Here are some tips to help make your dining room, that ever-popular gathering spot, a bit more people-friendly.

The Calfinder blog sets the stage by suggesting a few tips for creating “the perfect gathering spot” in your home:

  • warm and chic: blend the style with the comfortable, stylish living room or family room that neighbors your dining room
  • eccentric and colorful: with a simpler, modern furniture style, spice up the room with some bold, even funky decor to surround the understated furniture
  • boxy-modern: ultra-modern style choice can, in and of themselves, be a conversation piece and can add a nice bit of sophisticated fashion to the dining room

Of course, dining rooms and kitchens so often work hand-in-hand, so it doesn’t do much good to design with one without concern for the other. A recent post from Re-Nest should provide all sorts of design and remodeling inspiration, as they show off photo (and links to more information) from 20 “amazing bright, light” kitchens (and some bathrooms, too).

If all of these photos and ideas have inspired you to give some redesign or remodeling a go, the aptly named Remodeling Guy has 10 great kitchen remodeling ideas, including “bold colors on bottom,” solid black countertops, glass cabinet doors and more.