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Indoor pool time

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It’s Polar Vortex 2.0 around here. Although we’ve been lucky to escape the brunt of the snow, there’s no getting away from the cold. Instead of dreaming about hanging out by the pool on a warm summer’s day, we’re switching our thoughts to indoor pools. Yes, they might not be quite as summery as an outdoor pool, but that’s their appeal: they can be used year-round. When the wind is howling, you can be floating in watery bliss. And you know what? Considering that outdoor pools are unusable for most of the year in many parts of the country, an indoor pool sounds like a good investment. Here are a couple of our favorites, via Design Milk.

If you didn’t notice the ceiling or the handrails, would you guess this was an indoor pool or an outdoor pond?


We love those lush emerald tiles!


It appears that this picture was shot in the summer, but that warm wood would make this a great place to splash around in the winter.


Stunning contemporary design!  This would be a great place to swim laps.

Would you choose an indoor or outdoor pool?