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Incredible houseboat featuring Marvin windows nears completion in Port Townsend, Wash.


You’ve never seen a houseboat like this before.

Little and Little Construction of Port Townsend, Wash. is nearing completion of a 2,000-square foot house that’s set atop a six-foot tall concrete foundation and nine 500-pound blocks of Styrofoam. According to the Seattle Times, the two-story home features several bedrooms and baths along with a cinder-block fireplace in a large living room, an upstairs family room, office space and master bedroom bath with breathtaking views.

The houseboat also features Ultimate Push Out Casement windows from Marvin.

Bob Little, president of Little & Little Construction, told the Seattle Times, “In essence, we’re just building a home on a slab. It’s been great fun, and what a fun learning experience.”

Once completed, the houseboat will be towed from the Port of Port Townsend northward to the Boat Haven marina where it will be moored temporarily until it can be safely towed to Seattle.

To see how this amazing houseboat was created, check out the timeline of photos at Little & Little’s website.

[Photo courtesy Little & Little Construction]