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I Can See For Miles

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“The greatest artists – whether they are window designers or musicians – must continue to evolve, while staying true to the key elements that made the original versions so powerful. The same is true about the introduction of our Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung, which updates a timeless classic, adding modern technology and features while maintaining everything that made homeowners fall in love with the double hung in the first place.”
-Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing

The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung, which was awarded “Best Window and Door Product” at the 2015 International Builders’ Show, is now available nationwide. Among its many updates to the classic double-hung style, the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung features state-of-the-art technology, including an automatic locking system and a special Vent Mode, as well as innovative hardware that allows the bottom and top sashes to tilt in for easy washing.

To celebrate that putting a new spin on a classic window, we decided to put our stamp on The Who’s well-known song I Can See For Miles. To give it a modern twist that honored the original, we had The Highfields, an upcoming rock duo, re-record it.

And if you are a trade professional who loves good music, you can enter to win a chance to see The Who live in concert this fall. This VIP experience will be like none other–and you can belt along to I Can See For Miles from your seat near the stage.

For your listening pleasure, here’s how Marvin put a new spin on a classic: