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How to make housekeeping a little more pleasant

After months cooped up inside the home, the days are ever so slowly starting to grow brighter. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow not long ago. All signs point to another spring on the way, and frankly, it can’t come fast enough!
Official are two things:
  1. Cabin fever is a real thing
  2. Spring cleaning is a necessity

Most of us are still at least a month away from regularly getting outside and enjoying the weather. But we’re all probably in the same boat when it comes to spring cleaning – we dread it! (And anyone who enjoys cleaning is more than welcome to take care of my place.)

There is such a thing as happy housekeeping, though, and the good folks at Remodelista have a few tips for making the process more pleasant:

Invest in beautifully designed, quality cleaning products.
“Good design in everyday objects makes life more beautiful, more satisfying, and more fun … Invest in quality, good-looking products and let them shape your experience.”

Put on music that you love.
“Let it be a time to sing and move your body. As someone who truly loathed cleaning for many years, I have tried everything. One thing that always helps? Great music. Before I fold and fluff, I try to remember the value in what I am doing: creating a happy, healthy home.”

Reward yourself for cleaning up.
“Habits are made up of a three-part loop: the trigger (a gorgeous dustpan), the routine (dust, dust, dust), and the reward (a trip to that new gelato place down the street, anyone?). The reward is key—it tells our brain if we should store this habit for future use or not. (Gelato means, yes.)”

If you can afford it, hire a house cleaner.
“If you can outsource some of your housework, I say, good for you—and go for it. An added bonus: you may find yourself tidying up before your cleaner arrives.”

[Photo courtesy Houzz]