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How smart is your toilet?

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For most of us, the toilet is a pretty humble appliance, mainly good for … well, you know (also a handy drink for the family dog when their bowl is too far away). But our phones are smart and our refrigerators are smart, so why shouldn’t our toilets be smart?

MSN Money reports that various toilet manufacturers (especially Japanese manufacturers) are hitting the U.S. with more toilet options than we could ever have dreamed of a few years ago. For instance, does your toilet:

  • have a bidet?
  • warm up on command?
  • use your smartphone to choose music for your bathroom time?
  • automatically control the level of water in the bowl by sensing if the lid is up or down?
  • flush even though you’re not touching the handle?

Toilet makers like Toto and Kohler are bringing these types of features to a bathroom near you. What do you think? Do you prefer a toilet with advanced capabilities or is the classic commode enough for you?

Image courtesy of Kohler