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How not to renovate: Projects that might not worth your time or money at resale

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Renovating your home can be one of the great joys of home ownership. You get to put your own personal stamp on the space, but what happens when you want to sell? DIY Life lists five projects that are most likely not going to be worth your time and money. Here they are, along with our thoughts.

  • Too Much Taste: DIY wisely points out that even if you think brightly colored walls look stylish and unique (no argument there!), other people might not think so. Should others’ opinion matter? Probably not…unless you want them to buy your home. If you plan on staying put a long time, you might as well paint your bathroom orange. Painting can be a pain, but it’s a fairly cheap and easy fix. If you think you will be selling soon, do yourself a favor and go with beige.
  • Budget-Friendly Fixtures: We think that you should buy the highest-quality items that your budget will allow. After all, you can’t change out your flooring the same way you would some cheap throw pillows. Again, we think this decision will have a lot to do with how long you will be in the house. Cheap fixtures might be fine for a few years but bother you after 10 years.
  • Big Ticket Items: DIY Life mentions a pool as a prime example. In that case, we say it depends on the climate. In a northern environment like Minnesota, where Marvin is located, pools are rare and might not add to resale value. In a place like Arizona or Florida? Buyers might welcome the chance to take a dip. But any big ticket home item must be weighed by the enjoyment you will derive from it vs. how much of its value you can recoup. Maybe your future buyers won’t be impressed by that expensive steam shower you put in the master bath.
  • Reinvention of Space: Our opinion is that this depends how easily you can swap things out. Let’s say you use your third bedroom as a crafting room. When it comes to selling, buyers probably want to envision it as a bedroom, but that’s a fairly quick fix to stage. More permanent room re-dos, like turning that bedroom into a bathroom (to give DIY Life’s example) might not be so wise.
  • Unfinished or Poorly Done DIY Work: If you’re handy, do it yourself. If you’re not, or don’t have the time to finish what you started, PLEASE just hire someone to get it done. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

What other home renovations do you think are an unwise use of time, space and money?

Image courtesy of freefotouk on Flickr