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Honoring A True Entrepreneur

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In honor of National Entrepreneurship Week, we reflect on Marvin’s humble beginnings from a small family business in Warroad, MN, to one of the most innovative window and door manufactures in America.

In 1904, our founder George Marvin arrived in Warroad, MN to take a job managing a grain elevator. Just a few short years later, George and his business partner Percy Roberts purchased the Canadian Elevator Company. When the two parted ways a few years later, he made the impactful decision to keep the company in Warroad, MN.

Determined to redefine the success for a family business, George built the company using hard work, integrity and ingenuity. When his oldest son William “Bill” Marvin came back to Warroad to help with growing business, he continued to use those core values, becoming a visionary leader.

Soon after joining, a lumberyard employee suggested making door frames and barn sashes. Bill knew Warroad workers struggled during winter months so the company took action, buying a saw and making its first venture into the window making business. That decision, born out of a desire to help local employees, ultimately expanded the business beyond a local mill shop to the trusted Marvin Windows and Doors brand we know today.

A commitment to people. A promise of excellence. A dedication to innovation. Four generations later, the values instilled by George in the early 1900’s, still hold true today. We invite you to learn more about Marvin’s 100-year history above.