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Homes on Film

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Have you ever noticed that movies about houses are generally horror movies? The House on Haunted Hill, The Amityville Horror, Paranormal Activity… There’s something deeply sinister about your shelter from the world being invaded or violated. Most of us won’t ever have to deal with supernatural phenomena in our houses, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a house of horrors.

Buying, building or renovating — it’s a huge amount of money being spent with a lot of potential for things that might go wrong. Dealing with unpredictable schedules, unforeseen delays and the rare unscrupulous building professional might make you wish that all you had was a poltergeist!

One of the best non-horror house movies is The Money Pit (1986), starring the always great Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. It’s renovations with laughs. Old House Web recently made the excellent point that these characters could have avoided a lot of money and frustration by heeding some basic home buying and renovating principles. We wanted to share a few of those here:

  • Do your due diligence: This is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make in your life. There is no excuse for not taking a careful, dispassionate look at what you are really getting.
  • Don’t buy a house if you’re broke and can’t afford to repair it: This is where you will be living. C’mon, do you really want to deal with leaky toilets and rotting floorboards when you can barely make the mortgage?
  • Prioritize your renovations: Think needs versus wants. You NEED electricity and plumbing. You WANT granite countertops and new tile for the fireplace.
  • Stay out of the work area for your own safety: As a window manufacturer, we know the importance of safety when it comes to building. Let the pros do their job; they know the rules to prevent injury (and if they don’t, find new contractors immediately!).

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