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Home tech ideas from CES

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This week, you may have noticed an uptick in news about electronics. If you’ve been wondering why that’s apparently such a hot topic, it’s because the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going on right now in Las Vegas. (Pssssst…we’ll be there too this month.) One of the largest trade shows in the world, CES is the place where companies debut everything from the latest smart phones to smart  home technologies. It’s not a home show per se, but there are some very cool things from CES that are coming to a home near you.

If you keep a scale in your bathroom for weighing in, you know that stepping on it can be stressful–depending what number you see there. Luckily the Qardiobase scale uses your inputted goals to give you an emoticon idea of how you’re doing (smiles or frowns). A perfect addition to any bathroom!


Looks like a pair of handcrafted vases, right? You may be surprised to learn that these are the result of Makerbot’s 3D printing. It may be plastic, but what makes this product unique is that it has some of the material it is emulating (like stone), so the results look real.



This is just brilliant: for those who have mountains of laundry to do, you know that doing one load followed by another can take forever. But who has the space for two washing machines? LG comes to the rescue with the Twin Wash. This unique appliance has a mini washer on the bottom of a regular washer.



Have you ever wondered how your child is really sleeping? Put the power of technology to work for you with Sleep Number’s SleepIQ Kids bed. According to the San Francisco Gate, “the bed monitors movement, average breathing and average heart rate and assigns a SleepIQ score for each night’s sleep. Parents and children can view a dashboard to see how they slept and whether it was affected by stress, exercise, late-night snacks, studies or other activities.”



Pretty amazing stuff for the home of the future! With the focus on home technology, the New York Times gives us a good reminder that with smart homes comes security risks.

Did you have any favorite products from CES?