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Home design update: Trendy, popular, stylish colors for 2012


Via, a leading news website for home-building and remodeling professionals, we learned of the Sherwin-Williams Colormix 2012 forecast, which presents a range of 40 colors the company’s “color experts” foresee being popular, trendy or just downright cool in the year ahead.

So what do we learn from this new Colormix forecast? “The 40 hues highlighted in colormix 2012 stay close to home with earth-inspired, color family groupings: Reds, Blues, Greens and Neutrals.” More specifically, Sherwin William’s Jackie Jordan says:

Colors that are analogous, or adjacent on the color wheel, are a dominant trend. We discover a fresh array of combinations within color families ? be it fiery reds, watery blues, grassy greens or organic neutrals. … Just hone in on a color you love and the ideal, natural complement will be right nearby.

See the colors in all their glory here. Anything you see inspire you?